Why free walking tours are better

Free walking tours are a great alternative to the dozens of paid tour packages you’ll encounter when you visit a city.   In fact, alot of the time you’ll have a better experience and learn more on a free walking tour.

That’s crazy, you say?   How can something free be better than a paid tour?

Well, here’s why free walking tours are better…

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It’s casual

Because the tour is free it generally attracts a younger backpacking crowd.   The tour guides feed off the casual, laid back vibe of their crowd so what you end up getting is a pretty casual tour.   This isn’t to say that you won’t see things and learn things that you would in a more formal paid tour – just that it’ll be in a more fun and casual way.

Enthusiastic guides

Most guides who conduct free walking tours are young and passionate about telling the story of their city and their country.   As they go from stop to stop they’ll interject fun stories along the way and conjure up group participation.


Cool stories

Sure, you’ll see the sites and major attractions of the city on your tour but what you’ll probably remember the most are the unique stories the guides will share.   These stories aren’t just about the history of the city.   You’ll also hear little known stories about things like why the streets in Spain are narrow and how purple is the color of royalty.

Unique places

Paid tours will take you to all the attractions across a city while a free walking tour will take you to all those places and more.   You’ll visit unique places that have unique stories behind them.   It might be the first cafe in Italy, the church door of a nunnery, or a street food stall that specializes in fried tarantula.   No matter where, you’re bound to see more unique places on a free walking tour.

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