Partying is such a big part of the backpacker lifestyle and the smart hostels know how to put on a good one.   Alot of hostels try to be “party hostels” but over time, the cream rises to the top.

Here are 10 party hostels that have earned their well deserved reputation in the world of debauchery.

The Pink Palace

Corfu, Greece
With over 300 beds, The Pink Palace is the original party hostel.   It’s famous for it’s toga parties, cheap shots of ouzo, happy hours and theme nights.   Spend the day at the nearby beach, go on a booze cruise or spend the night dancing in their club til the sun comes up.

Book your bed at The Pink Palace starting at 18€ ($20)

The Flying Pig

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Right on the edge of the red light district, the Flying Pig is a great place for backpackers to channel their inner Bob Marley.   Known as party central in Amsterdam, spend the day drinking cheap beer and smoking good weed hanging in their bar and pillow lounge.

Book your bed at The Flying Pig starting at 14€ ($16)


Melbourne, Australia
Located in the heart of Melbourne’s buzzing St Kilda beachside suburb, Base is not the place for sleep.   It’s downstairs club pumps out music all night enticing you to get out of bed and come down and party instead.   Enjoy one of their theme nights, sing some karaoke and drink cheap Jager shots and pitchers of beer.

Book your bed at Base Melbourne starting at 21AUD ($16)

Greg & Tom Party Hostel

Krakow, Poland
Not your typical party hostel.   It has a super modern design and it’s small enough where you can really get to know your fellow partiers.   Every night, Polish students will do a pub crawl taking you out on the town to the best party spots sampling Polish spirits along the way.

Book your bed at Greg & Tom Party Hostel starting at 69PLN ($18)

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Loki Hostel

Cusco, Peru
Built in a converted 450 year old colonial mansion, Loki is known throughout South America for it’s parties.   After all, they’re the place with parties like the ABC (anything but clothes) and the Gender Bender (guys dressing as girls and vice versa).   Stop here on your way back from Machu Picchu.

Book your bed at Loki Hostel starting at S/28 ($8)

X Hostel

Varna, Bulgaria
With a cult following of over 100 people who have tattooed an “X” on their bodies, this party hostel takes partying to an extreme.   The hostel is in a large villa near the party resort Golden Sands.   Go on a pub crawl with 500 of your closest friends and then end the night stripped down and rolling around in the foam with other scantily clad people.

Book your bed at X Hostel starting at 9€ ($10)

Rising Cock Party Hostel

Lagos, Portugal
Start the day on a booze cruise and keep the partying going with drinking games and toga parties into the night.   The Rising Cock is known for it’s all night parties so if you want some sleep this hostel is not the place for you.

Book your bed at Rising Cock Hostel starting at 11€ ($12)

Milhouse Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Just blocks away from Plaza de Mayo and the bohemian barrio of San Telmo, Milhouse has a reputation for fun and debauchery.   The hostel is on top of a first floor lounge in a 19th century five story building and is Buenos Aires’ premier party hostel.

Book your bed at Milhouse Hostel starting at 220ARS ($15)

Wombat’s City Hostel

Berlin, Germany
If you’re over 25 you might be the oldest person staying at Wombats.   With a courtesy “Welcome Drink” at checkin, you’ll be well on your way to partying into the night.   Dress to the nines and head to their upscale bar and show up that playa game you’ve been bragging out.

Book your bed at Wombat’s City Hostel starting at 12€ ($14)

Kabul Party Hostel

Barcelona, Spain
Built for partying, Kabul is often fully booked months in advance.   It has a giant common room to play pool, drink cheap beer, and get to know your fellow travelers before heading out into town for some craziness.   No early morning wakeups here as most people party until the wee hours of the morning and sleep in til the afternoon only to do it all over again the next day.

Book your bed at Kabul Party Hostel starting at 12€ ($14)

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