There’s just something about backpacking and hostel life that brings about love, romance and sex.   It could be because everyone’s on an adventure and they want to explore or maybe it’s just the casual way life is on the road that sparks the flame.

Either way, here’s some tips on how to hookup while backpacking and sparking that flame.

Where are they?

Obviously this is ground zero.   The communal nature of hostels means you’ll already be around like minded people who are all looking for adventures.   Many are traveling alone so they’ll be up to meeting and hanging out with other travelers.
Pub Crawls
Alot of hostels put on pub crawls where you’ll go with a small group from bar to bar.   This is a great excuse to hang out all night with someone you’re interested in.   Plus, you may just meet some interesting locals along the way and, of course, alcohol gets people out of their shells.
Sure you use the app back home but why not use it to hookup when you travel too?   Don’t forget to change your profile to say how you’re traveling and looking for adventure.   If you want to know which people in your hostel are using Tinder, set the search radius to less than a mile.
Contiki tours
Although there’s several reasons why you should avoid tour groups, there is one notable advantage with Contiki tours.   The tour group is geared towards young people hooking up with their reputation for booze, parties and sex.
Bars and clubs
Just like back home, bars and clubs are a hive for busy bees of the opposite sex looking to hookup.
Couch Surfing
Probably the best way to meet locals.   If you and the host don’t hit it off you may hookup with one of their friends.
A great way to meet locals with similar interests as you is to visit   When you go to an event not only will you meet locals but you’ll also have something in common with them.
Traveling on trains can be long and boring so a great way to break up the monotony is to start up a conversation with someone.   Most trains have open seating so just move around and make a friend.

Connect with them

Entice them with your travel adventures.   No matter where people live in the world, there’s always this romantic notion of meeting someone adventurous from a far away land.   Between you talking about the places you’ve been and the things you’ve done and them talking about their life in this foreign land, you’ll have plenty to connect with.
Fellow travelers
The fact that you’re both out in the world on an adventure gives you a built in connection.   You each know what life’s like on the road and you each have stories to share about it.   To make a true connection though, don’t forget to ask them about life back home and what inspired them to go traveling.   When you talk about inspiration, people will open up even more and you’ll get a greater connection.
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Now what?


So, you’ve met someone and you have this connection – now what?

Unlike back home where phone numbers are exchanged and it progresses from text messages to phone calls to a hooking up down the road, life moves much quicker when you’re traveling.

After all, you’re only in town for a few days and you both understand that, while a long distance thing may come out of it, it’s much more likely that this is just a short fling hookup.

So, with that in mind – go for it!   You both know where this is headed so get there already!

If things aren’t aligning right for whatever reason tonight then get their Facebook or WhatsApp from them so you can hookup the following day.

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