Each year thousands upon thousands of people explore the world in tour groups.   Traveling in a tour group is easy because everything is done for you.   You’re told what to see and do and when to do it.

This may all sound well and good because, after all, you’re on vacation so why not turn off your brain and let someone else do all the planning.

Well, here’s some reasons why you should reconsider and why you should avoid tour groups.

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Everything’s touristy

When you’re on a group tour you’re going to see everything through rose tinted “tourist” glasses.   You’ll only see the major monuments and tourist attractions and you’ll only eat at restaurants that cater to tourists.

Missing the good stuff

Of course while you’re doing all the touristy stuff, you’ll miss out on the real city.   If you step a few blocks out of the tourist area of town you’ll quickly discover what the city is all about.   Get away from other tourists and be among the locals.   This way, you’ll get to see what the city really has to offer.


No freedom

Tour groups are notorious for having everything preplanned down to the minute.   Sure, they’ll give you some token “free time” every once and awhile to go out and explore on your own, but you’re still restricted by the preset tour group plan.

You’ll find yourself constantly thinking I wish I had more time to do this or to do that but, damn, I got to get back to the group.

Your fellow travelers


Travelers in a tour group tend to be on the older side and are just on short vacations.   The concept of actually staying in a city for more than a couple of days is a foreign concept.   For them, it’s about checking off all the important attractions so they can move onto the next city on their whirlwind vacation.


Anytime you have someone else do the planning and hold your hand for you, you’re going to pay a ridiculous amount of money.   Tour groups are vastly overpriced.   Take some time and plan out your travels on your own and you’ll soon find out how much more these groups are charging people.   Take the savings and extend your trip another week (or month).

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