So, you took our advice on why you shouldn’t use a travel agent and you’re going to book your own flight.

The cost of airfare is notorious for fluctuating from week to week and even overnight.   The flight you want to book could be several hundred dollars more the next day.

The question is – when do you book your flight to guarantee you’re getting the best price?


Of course, there’s no “guarantee” that if you buy it on a certain day it won’t be cheaper the next but a pretty good guideline is to buy your tickets between 2 and 3 months out from your departure date.

Once you’ve decided that you’re going on a trip, one of the first things you should do is head over to a travel website like Momondo or Skyscanner to see how much the airfares are and continue to check the prices each day.

After awhile you’ll get a pretty good feel for what a “normal” price is for that flight.   As you get to about 90 days out from your trip, start looking for those prices to dip.

Airlines will advertise their lowest fares usually on Tuesdays so if it’s Tuesday and you’re 90 days out you can probably book your ticket then.

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