If you search online you’ll find dozens of articles on why you should use a travel agent but when it comes to backpacking and budget traveling you really don’t need one.

Here’s 5 reasons why you shouldn’t use a travel agent.

Planning is fun!

Planning your trip is actually one of the best parts of traveling.   It’s great for dream building as you read up on all the things out there waiting to be explored.   You can see yourself boarding that train and going off to that next destination.   You’ll also educate yourself more intimately with what to expect when you’re traveling there.

Only you know you

Backpacking is a very personal experience.   This is your trip.   Your adventure.   As much as travel agents will go out of their way to book a trip that fits you, it’s never going to truly fit your perfectly because only you know you.

It costs extra

When you hire a travel agent you’re basically paying for a middle man to do all your work for you.   It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that you’re going to pay for that service.   Of course you won’t know how much you’re actually paying because it will all be bundled in with your travel package price.

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You may not get the best deal

We assume travel agents are experts because, well, that’s what they do for a living.   However, they don’t necessarily know all the secret tricks to finding cheap flights.   Travel agents aren’t geared towards budget travelers or backpackers so they don’t look to alternate destinations or budget airlines.

No flexibility

When you use a travel agent and everything is bundled up you’ll have no flexibility to change your plans or adjust your trip once you’re out there.

You may fall in love with some place (or someone) and want to stay there longer or maybe the new friends you just made are going one way but your pre-planned booking has you going the other way.

By doing it yourself you’ll have more flexibility for your trip and make it a true backpacking adventure.

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